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            Jet Environmental provides bespoke design, installation and maintenance of temperature control systems across the UK and since it's acquisition by Wozair Limited have extended our coverage to mainland Europe, Middle East, Singapore and Australia.

            Our services

            As well as market-leading technology, we offer:

            • a bespoke design and installation service
            • outsourced provision of temperature control services
            • remote monitoring and reporting
            • service and maintenance
            • refits and new installations
            • bespoke AHU design and build

            Our sister company, Jet AHU, designs and manufactures heating, ventilation and cooling units. These are incorporated into our HVAC systems. They can also be purchased as standalone air handling units.

            With over 30 years experience in temperature control, Jet Environmental has expertise in all types of HVAC applications and design requirements.

            Our temperature control solutions provide cost-effective heating, cooling and ventilation for any large building. Typical applications include:

            • logistics warehouses
            • pharmaceutical warehouses
            • production facilities
            • sports facilities
            • exhibition spaces
            • aircraft hangars

            We work with end users, building consultants, building contractors, M&E contractors and facilities management organisations.

            Beyond the UK, we offer a system design package including site visits, full drawings and system specification. We also supply key jet air induction components.

            Download our eBrochure here.


            Find out more about our core services

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            Guaranteed Temperature Control

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            JET Environmental Outside the UK

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            Service and Maintenance Packages

            Service and Maintenance Packages

            Jet Environmental’s in-house maintenance team offers a planned maintenance schedule of your HVAC system.

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